The Action Foundation is a youth-led grass roots organization in Kenya that is transforming the lives of children and youth with disabilities. We work in low income communities to provide accessible health services, promote social inclusion and empower caregivers with knowledge and skills to help them nurture young persons with special needs.

Our Programs


Through Mwangaza we foster the physical, social and mental health of children and youth with disabilities. Our team of health experts : physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist and doctors, works with persons with physical and intellectual disabilities such as such as Autism, Down’s syndrome , Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy.


Here TAF empowers families of children with disabilities through capacity building through training in income generating activities, giving caregivers skills that are helpful in meeting the specific needs of their children and helping to grow their existing businesses.

Breaking barriers for children and youth with disabilities

Our Campaigns

I Can Learn Too

Through I Can Learn Too, we advocate for caregivers and the community at large to invest in the education of children with disabilities. We also fundraise to provide partial and full scholarships for children with physical and intellectual disabilities to attend special and mainstream schools.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers program helps create widespread awareness about disability to enhance acceptance and foster respect for the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities by Kenyan society.

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